• Higher education and lifelong learning
• eLearning technology development
• Global partnerships and white label solutions

• Online and fully accredited
• EMBA, MBA and Masters with unique specialty streams
• Global leader and innovator in Psychological Health & Safety

• Learning Management System
• Customized courseware
• White label eLearning solutions

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For Business

Sandermoen Learning Solutions delivers corporate training solutions including bite sized courses, certificates, diploma and degrees within the fields of Business,… Read More »

For Affiliates

Sandermoen Learning Solutions works with educational affiliates, large and small, from all over the world. We only work with professional,… Read More »

For Universities

Sandermoen Learning Solutions works with Universities and other academic institutions, from all over the world, to meet students’ needs for… Read More »

White label solutions

Our LIC, Learning Innovation Center, develops the next generation eLearning solutions focusing on meeting needs of students and learners all… Read More »