We are proud to have collaborated with a number of leading organizations from a variety of sectors. Alongside hundreds of local relationships, we have also partnered on a global and regional scale. Together with our partners, we aim to strengthen the educational quality and its digitization around the world, inspire collaboration to solve key issues in a joint fashion and to support innovative ideas enhancing the learning experience as well as making quality education more affordable and accessible.

For Affiliates

We work with educational affiliates, large and small, from all over the world. We only work with professional, reputable affiliates who represent our quality brand and values in terms of highest standards and professionalism. Some examples of educational affiliates we collaborate with:

  • Sales agents
  • Training companies
  • Student advisors and agencies
  • Marketing consultants or agencies

For Universities

Sandermoen Learning Solutions works with Universities and other academic institutions, from all over the world, to meet students’ needs for quality education and possibility to earn dual degrees. We enable these partnerships via the University of Fredericton, an accredited
Canadian university.

  • Dual degree opportunity and student add-on
  • EMBA/MBA/Master with unique specialty streams
  • Online delivery and possibility to increase capacity

For Business

  • Bite-sized courses
  • EMBA, MBA & Masters
  • eLearning platforms and academies

Sandermoen Learning Solutions delivers corporate training solutions including bite sized courses, certificates, diploma and degrees within the fields of Business, Occupational Health & Safety and Professional Development. In addition we build eLearning platforms tailored to your business needs.

White label solutions

Our LIC, Learning Innovation Center, develops the next generation eLearning solutions focusing on meeting needs of students and learners all over the world. Our LIC works in close collaboration with industry experts, universities and businesses to identify and develop tailored eLearning solutions including both educational and technological excellence. Digital is our backbone and is reflected in what we do, how we do it and with whom we do it. 

In order to work with us just reach out to us directly for more information and opportunities for collaboration.